The beginning of Humans Divided

RICHMOND, CA – It had been two long years. We were ending the life period of certainty, taught to many teens around the country by our own schools. Misleading hope, pictures of candy, shown to those who have somehow ended in the low-wealth parts of the country. Those who were most likely to fail.

Our moments of happiness during all of childhood started to vanish as we got hit repeatedly by problems and more problems. As college went by started to realize things were not as easy as they had seen the year before.

We were going through the same conflicts that millions of College of students go through every day. No money for tuition, no time to even finish the assignments, trouble keeping a job due to the scarcity of time, and in my case, a vehicle accident that left me injured for months. Not to mention all the judicial problems I had due to my daughter’s custody. Going through all of these issues made us realize there is a lot of problems with the government and society that most media sites won’t talk about, but that millions of young people go through every day.

We decided to take the matter into our hands, people needed to know of these issues. Humans Divided was born.

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